Energy and Environment
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Energy and Environment-research at the TU Wien

Research for an environment-friendly energy future of our world

The steadily increasing energy demand has an affect on the exploitation of resources as well as on climate and environment. Alternative energy sources need to be developed, reliable solutions for climate problems are sought after, and serious problems of pollution are still unresolved. Even if great successes in these fields could be seen in the last years, a lot of open questions still exist which can hardly be answered by traditional technological approaches.

The consideration of the efficiency of the entire energy conversion system and the technology life cycles, the costs and the environmental impacts (holistic solutions!) is necessary, as well as a stronger orientation towards sustainable technologies. Future-oriented basic research and practical-oriented applied research has to enable a better understanding of these processes and the preservation of our environment.

Broad range of competences

At TU Wien a broad range of competences in the area of energy and environment is well established. The research topics range from questions about energy generation and energy storage to ideas of energy-efficient architecture and settlement planning and the design of intelligent electricity networks, and further on to energy saving measures and energy policy concepts.

In the field of environmental research the main focuses are placed on environmental monitoring - reliable data on the state and change of our environment is essential for the development of new strategies. At the TU Wien research is furthermore concentrated on solutions for the efficient utilisation of resources, environment-friendly creation of products and production processes, as well as on concepts for low emission mobility.

Know how for Austria and the world

Many of the research groups at TU Wien are key competence experts in Austria and international renowned triggers for innovation. In order to establish excellent research, specific working groups which network internal, national and international, are are a self-evident necessity.