Energy and Environment
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Environmental monitoring and climate adaptation

The network of relationships and interactions between the different parts of the earth‘s ecosystem is complex. If we know the condition and development of the environment we can control the impact of our actions on the world around us. For this, the best and most modern research methods are good enough - both in basic research and in applied research, TU Wien is specifically a step towards a healthy environment and a liveable nature!

To see the status, development and the impact of the environment, we work with chemical, physical and geometrical methods - in water, air and soil. We use technical monitoring, analysis and modeling of the environment and innovative interdisciplinary research methods to explore climate-related data.

These data represent important contributions to national and international discussions in the scientific community and form the basis for laws and guidelines at both national and EU level.

Research topics

Natural disaster management

  • Flood water
  • Water management and protection
  • Hydraulic engineering and modelling
  • Mass movements
  • Environmental law

Emissions and contaminant measurements, quality analysis

  • Organic elements
  • Particles, aerosols, greenhouse gases
  • Heavy metals
  • Radionuclid monitoring and radiation protection
  • Water quality, drinking water analysis
  • Noise, etc.

Environmental analysis and modelling

  • Hydrological and atmospherical processes
  • Land monitoring
  • Bio-chemistry
  • social and economic aspects

Mathematical and geometrical data basis

  • Satellite and airborne systems
  • Environmental statistics

Environmental risk assessment