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Sustainable and low emission mobility

With the research field „Sustainable and low emission mobility“ TU Wien has set itself the objective to develop technologies and designs to satisfy society‘s mobility needs without putting excessive strain on the environment or using up finite resources.
Our researchers pursue a multi-layered approach, that concentrates not only on the development of individual key technologies, such as electro mobility, but also embraces systemic, political, commercial and social aspects. The goal is the creation of a multi-modal traffic mix in which private and public, motorised and non-motorised transport make up a sustainable and low-emission system.

The strongly application-oriented research by TU Wien in the field of mobility concentrates primarily on the development of alternative drive technologies, or the optimisation of conventional ones. In addition, our researchers prepare traffic concepts and technology analyses for political and commercial decision makers. As part of the overall approach, questions in relation to energy supply as well as the creation of a sustainable mobility infrastructure are addressed.
TU Wien provides diverse answers to complex challenges.

Research topics

Traffic concepts and mobility management

  • regional traffic concepts
  • analysis and scenarios
  • user behaviour
  • political frameworks
  • logistics

Energy supply

  • production and usage of alternative fuels
  • energy storage
  • energy and grid management


  • public and non-motorised transport
  • navigation
  • charging stations / petrol stations
  • information and communication technology
  • road engineering


  • alternative powertrains (electric / gas / hybrid)
  • development of components
  • modelling and measurement