Energy and Environment
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Efficient utilisation of material resources

Protection, use and management of our primary resources (such as water, minerals and biological raw materials) is equally as important a concern for us as the optimal use of the deposit of material generated by humans over extended periods of time (secondary resources). We develop technical solutions and integrate ecological, economical, socio-scientific and political aspects, in order to protect the environment and use fewer resources.

The expertise of the TU Wien ranges from the development of individual technologies and methods in the fields of prospecting, material extraction and substitution through to analysis, evaluation and design of material cycles in water, the ground, air and in buildings. Resource management plays a crucial role.

Research topics

Water management (utilisation)

  • water body ecology
  • watershed management
  • ground water management (water and health)

(anthropogenic) Mass flow analysis

  • waste water: sewage plants and segregation
  • mass balance of (heavy) metals, toxic substances, nutrients, air pollutants
  • resource optimised metabolic cycle

Recycling/urban mining (anthropogenic deposits)

  • mineralic and metallic ressources (P, Fe, Cu, Pb, ...)
  • construction materials and waste
  • fibre extraction (textiles, vehicle parts)
  • metallic materials
  • electronics, ... 

Disposal and processing 

  • waste water (sewage plants, segregation)
  • (bio)waste treatment
  • secure last sinks for harmful substances

Renewable raw materials

  • ecological construction materials (wood, straw, composites,...)
  • biological raw materials (biomass in general, sugar/starch, cellulose/hemi cellulose/lignin)

Ecological and economic aspects

  • operational and regional resource and waste management
  • resource economy