Energy and Environment
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Energy active buildings, settlements and spatial infrastructures

The researchers at the TU Wien make an important contribution to the development of future-oriented cities. With innovative concepts and models, they are pioneers in various branches and overcome the challenges associated with sustainable solutions. The ecological development of cities requires comprehensive planning processes that combine economic and social as well as technological and scientific thinking. The economic efficiency, as well as the affordability of the projects are taken into account. Combing all this aspects, the TU Wien experts are within the leading city developers in Europe.

Research Topics

Urban- and regional development

  • Regional development
  • Settlement- and building structure
  • Urban traffic and urban mobility
  • Urban space simulation
  • Overall ecological view

Energy and resource efficient buildings (active/passive house)

  • Eco efficient building
  • Application of renewable energy sources
  • Building concepts and resource optimisation
  • Simulation and optimisation of entire system

Intelligent buildings and settlements

  • Monitoring of buildings
  • Smart and distributed systems
  • Building automation and integration
  • Energy management (microgrid, smart meter)

Real estate and infrastructure

  • Building stock (inventory, restructuring)
  • Integrated energy efficient planning
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Building- and real estate assessment

Sociological and ecological aspects

  • User and consumption behaviour
  • Micro climate and spatial comfort
  • Innovative and ecological building material
  • Impact of climate change, macro climate