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Projects in Energy active buildings, settlements and spatial infrastructures


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© Gisela Erlacher

The ‚Plus-Energie-Bürohochhaus‘ is the world‘s first office tower that can claim to feed more energy into the power grid than is required to operate AND use the building.

TU Wien has proved that one can keep to plus energy standards also with extremely complicated projects: within two-years work the former chemical multi-storey building was completely redeveloped. The knowledge from different interdisciplinary research projects was integrated into the demonstration project. It emerged a "house of the future" – Austria’s first plus energy multi-storey office block . It went into operation in summer 2014.

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© Blaue Lagune / Thomas M. Laimgruber

L.I.S.I. (Living Inspired by Sustainable Innovation)

LISI is a plus energy house and won the"Solar Decathlon" in the USA in 2013. Under project management of the TU Wien a high-quality, sustainable and performable residential construction was developed, which can be adapted to different needs of the users and locations. Through the interplay of modular lightweight design, ecological materials and renewable energy LISI provides a healthy, comfortable and pleasant environment for its residents and also generates enough energy to meet the daily needs of residents supply.

Read more about LISI on the project web page.

LISI can also be bought! In October 2014, the house found a new home in the prefabricated house center "Blaue Lagune" in Wiener Neudorf, close to Vienna.

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