Energy and Environment
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Research Advisory Board for the research centre “energy and environment”

The research advisory board was involved substantially in the establishment of the research centre “energy and environment”. He supports the activities of the research centre and the development of the research main focus energy and environment by thematic and content consultation.

Thomas Bednar, Professor for Construction Physics. Faculty of Civil Engineering. 

„The contact with resources, the worldwide very different life styles with their local and global effects and also political decisions are influenced by technical developments in varied manner. In particular, the engineer-scientific disciplines require by the development of new, innovative technologies and methods basic research as well as the cooperation about the research fields of investigation away. With the foundation of the inter-faculty Research Center “Energy and Environment” this need was given not only expression but also a home. The first years have already shown how the communication and the scientific exchange through traditional organizational boundaries opened up new possibilities. Even if on all questions immediately a comprehensive answer cannot be found to get in touch with the Research Centre pays off, in any case.“

Markus Haider, Professor for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics. Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

„The energy research is in a very dynamic and thrilling phase. New ideas and draughts bubble in unbelievable variety of the ground and need a multidisciplinal beginning in the scientific analysis. The foundation of the Research Centre “Energy and Environment” was in the TU-Wien a strong catalyst to the reinforced cooperation in the house and has led beside the surgical success also strongly to the education of a common consciousness. Realized only through the joint discussions and projects that an enormous pool of competence for the holistic solution multiple generic issues present at the TU Vienna. There originated a structure which allows the TU-Wien to bring her "energy PS" efficiently on the street“.

Dietmar Wiegand, Professor for project development and project management. Faculty of Architecture and Planning

„Universities like TU-Wien have to contribute the order by research and apprenticeship to the solution of the social challenges. Now these challenges do not keep on institute or faculty borders. To reduce attempts, e.g., the issues relevant for climate in coming decades massively and to prepare the Austrian economy for the time after the oil, interventions explain in extremely complicated, open, dynamic systems. Comprehensive problem solution attempts are asked. With the Research Centre “Energy and Environment” the TU-Wien disposes of a research establishment which can solve complicated research questions and developing duties very fast and comprehensively with Researcher from different disciplines. I am sure, other organizations and facilities crosswise to the present specialist structures will follow - in the TU-Wien, but also in enterprise and authorities.“


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