Energy and Environment
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Research Coordination Centre "Energy and Environment" at TU Wien

Pictures: @TU Wien

The Research Centre "Energy and Environment" cross-links the research groups at the TU Wien and acts as internal and external contact point.

The "virtual" Research Centre E+E is a coordination platform for inter- and transdisciplinary networking.

It is set up free of organisational boarders such as institutes or faculties. It is organised as an open network and bundled up in a central management node. It acts as a communication platform for the researchers at the TU Wien in order to enable new ideas and interdisciplinary cooperation and to develop holistic solutions across faculties.

Services for interns

The Research Centre supports all energy and environmental relevant subjects at the TU Wien and assists researchers in their interdisciplinary communication and cooperation. The single institutes, departments and researchers are invited to participate, cooperate and develop.

More information for researchers and administrative staff.

Services for externs

External openness and willingness for cooperation are a matter of course and necessary. Within the framework of the research focus area the expansion and intensification of cooperations with other Austrian universities, industry and communities is fostered, as well as the internationalisation of research.

More information for external organisations, industry, communities, research institutes, ....